For the past couple of days I’ve been experiencing issues with my 5 dollar linode server. It’s no news that I’m building my own web hosting solution but this was so annoying to fix as it’s pretty random.

It was kept being killed by OOM this is a default Linux feature that kills a certain service or component because it’s consuming too much ram. This error shows when I log into the linux server terminal, it gave a definitive answer that my servers ram isn’t able to handle my projects.

The best part is that it’s never really known when, running htop(something like task manager) to see whats running on the background is the first thing you should do.

I sat on my computer for 1-2 hours but it never really crashes so it’s pretty random. Funny thing is that my sites are personal blog sites so it doesn’t make much sense that it’s due to traffic.

So It came to my conclusion that its

  • Some sort of DDOs attack or bots spamming my site (this site you are reading from is having random bot spam comments)
  • One of my projects need more resource that what I currently have (this is the easier answer as to just upgrade your server)

So what I can confidently say is that my Rent My Game Project is greedy AF. If i disable that the ram usage goes down so much. So to keep things simple I wouldn’t support multiple sites for 1 server, it’s 1 to 1.

To handle the bots, I’ve included cloudflare this also helped the ram usage. To summarize i’m having issues with

  • Greedy Project,
  • Bots