Look I know, angry customers are a pain in the ass. I’m not going to sugarcoat it, every time I get an email where the customer just talks shit and ruins the day but it’s part of your job and you’ll just have to deal with it properly.

Look dealing with them is quite simple and you’ll only need the following

  1. Why they pissed
  2. Be somewhat apologetic( I know in most cases we aren’t but just do it to calm the waters)
  3. Have a solution ready
  4. Be human and if you did a mistake own up to it.

In most cases, you’ll want to reply something like this or structure it like this

– Say Hi name,

-Apologies or sound apologetic, here are some samples

  • I understand that it can be quite frustrating when we go back and forth without having a solution in sight, and for that, I apologize………
  • I understand that you are facing X, rest assured that we’ll have a solution.
  • Sorry about that, I misunderstood X. To confirm you are facing X, if not tell me otherwise.

-Solution, now you actually provide a solution, if said solution don’t work then you gotta repeat above

  • To Fix X Do X
  • Issue X was due to a bug from our end and will be fixed on the next update. As a temporary measure downgrade to X
  • Issue X is due to 3rd party plugin, reach out to them to take a look as we aren’t able to help from here
  • Issue X is a bug from our end where when X is enabled it cause X problems. As a temp, fix disable X

–¬† Ask how it goes and if the still face issues¬† or can close the ticket.

That’s it, that’s how I answer my tickets and provide 5-star support.